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However, the mire of prevailing circumstances insured that gerovital h3 generally would not be available outside romania. Ana aslan, who dedicated her life to researching the aging process and the antiaging remedies. Aslan administered this product to tens of thousands of elderly people. Gerovital h3 injections principal ingredient is procaine hcl. Ana aslan studied how procaine may be used in the fight against aging and found that exploit composition effects on beauty. Their health was overwhelmingly better than could be expected in a normal geriatric population.

As such, gerovital is protected for sale by the dietary supplements act of 1994. Being the first antiaging therapy, gerovital h3 reduces free radical activity, preventing damage to dna and cellular membranes. If you have used the authentic gh3 in the past, we would love to hear from you. One ampoule contains procaine a local anesthetic drug, vitamins and herbal extracts. The terms suggested retail price or retail price denote the manufacturers suggested retail price. Ana aslan of romania developed these products in the early 1950s, when she discovered that procaine was much more than a local anesthetic and that it could do more than arrest. Gerovital h3 by ana aslan romania forum tripadvisor. Gerovital h3 gh3 capsules and 2 oz liquids taken off our online store per the credit card banks. Gerovitalh3 injections principal ingredient is procaine hcl.

The patented process insures that the oral form contains the same complex gh3 factor as the aslan injectable gh3 but in a convenient liquid or capsule. Gatuline expression, a natural extract of acmella oleraceea, helps instantly decrypt the skin and block spontaneous contractions of its muscles to reduce wrinkles from the first day of application. The other contents of gerovital h3 include a preservative. Save 20% 40% on gerovital gh3 when you purchase online or call toll free. Buy original romanian gerovital h3 tablets and injections. The food and drug administration fda have banned gh3 from interstate commerce and importation into the united states since 1982. Are you looking for a gerovital product that is not listed on our website. The product is shipped directly from the european manufacturer to all destinations worldwide including the united states. Ana aslan 18971988 was a romanian biologist and physician who discovered the antiaging effects of procaine on which she developed the formulas gerovital h3 and aslavital. Now everyone has access to a truly highquality and affordable gh3 antiaging oral liquid tonic without costly shotsinjections or treatments. Gerovital store romanian gerovital h3 anti aging ana aslan. Caseta cadou gerovital h3 classic fresh cyprus, deodorant, classic, cover, books. One to two tablets a day, two or three hours after meals is the recommended dosage.

Physically the pills are a little bigger than a baby aspirin procaine hydrochloride 100 mg benzoic acid 6 mg potassium metabisulfite 5 mg disodium phosphate. As with many of the great scientific advances of history, gerovital h3 was discovered by accident. Ana aslan discovered how the aging process could be influenced and in 1960 gerovital h3 formula were created. Gerovital h3 by ana aslan romania message board tripadvisor. Gerovital h3 evolution gerovital by brand skin care. There are a number of companies selling gerovital h3 gh3 with the pretence of offering the real thing. Gerovital gh3 and its more potent version, aslavital, are the best health and antiaging supplements in the world. The recommended dose is 5 ml 1 ampoule of gerovital h 3 intramuscular injection 3 times a week 1 vial of gerovital h 3 solution every two days for 4 weeks. In 2008 charm gerovital strengthens its quality management certificate by purchasing the rights held by the company on.

Ana aslan, who entrusted the production rights creams gerovital charm factory was scientific advisor of the company for many years and is still its spiritual patron. The gerovital story gerovital official shop gerovital. Gerovital gh3 by tierra meganutrients may be beneficial for antiaging, depression, energy and memory. Anyone past the age of 40 needs to consider taking these products. Gerovital h3 products gerovital cream, tablets and cosmetics. The popular and genuine anti aging formulation discovered by prof. Tardive depression, gerovital h3, geriatric depression scale gds.

Some frequently asked questions regarding gerovitalh3 gh3 1. Face care, cyprus, cleaning supplies, composition, shampoo, soap, packaging, personal. Gerovital h3 and logo products are marked with the signature. If you find gerovital too stimulating, simply lower the dose and do not take it later than early afternoon. Gerovital h3 injections order fast delivery millennium. It is also advisable to take periodic breaks in treatment of five days a month. This is the famous and original antiaging drug discovered by prof. This present book represents the last of the three large textbooks on music theory and practice planned by arnold schoenberg largely as the result of his teachings. Nutraceutics gerovital gh3 delivers a blend of vitamins to help with aging. Gerovital gh3 aslan original romanian injections 5 vials.

In the united states, the fda bans gerovital h3 from interstate commerce as an unapproved drug and, since 1982, has prohibited. Some frequently asked questions regarding gerovitalh3 gh3. Gerovital original product antiaging effect 5 vials per box this unique nutritional formulation has been described as the fountain of youth and is estimated to be in use by more than 10 million people in more than 70. Gerovital h3 evolution hyaluronic acid ampoules with superoxide dismutase for antiaging, 2ml x 10. The reappearance of procaine hydrochloride gerovital h3 for antiaging. Order gh3, gerovital h3 injections, procaine hcl injections.

Buy gerovital gh3 and other dietary supplement at tao of herbs. Gh3 gerovital h3 tablets functions, ingredients and. Gerovital gh3 injectables 5 ampoules ana aslan, anti age, anti. Gerovital products gerovital tablets, cream and injections. Gerovital online gerovital aslavital farmec cosmetics.

The best place to find the entire range of gerovital products. Gerovital h3 or procaine hydrochloride and products known as gh3 and other variants which may or may not be identical to gerovital h3 is a controversial preparation developed during the 1950s and falsely promoted by its advocates as an effective antiaging treatment. Ana aslan eczema geriatric institute of bucharest gerovital gerovital gh3 gerovital h3 gerovital vials gerovitalh3 gh3 gh3 injectables hyaluronic acid injectables john f. Gerovital gh3 injectables, 6 months treatment with 75 vials. Gerovital gh3 by tierra meganutrients, original formula. Gerovitalh3 is indicated for people older than 40 years in order to retard the aging process and as a preventative and curative treatment for chronic degenerative diseases. With changing awareness about nutrition and preventive health care, gerovital gradually has become more recognized. The official gerovital shop with the best antiaging products worldwide. Original gh3 is the same as the original gerovital h3 gh3 injectable formula of dr. Gh3 is a famous antiaging formula discovered by romanian gerontologist dr. Gerovital gh3 is used by stars and head of states we ship gerovital worldwide at reasonable price. Product page for gerovital gh3 aslan original romanian injections 5 vials offering price, ingredients and full item description from betterlife.

Effects of a procaine preparation gerovital h3 in hospitalized geriatric patients. The gerovital h3 formula also known as gh3 was discovered by prof. Apr 06, 2020 gerovital is injected in the buttocks. They say that their product is the original formula when it does not even contain procaine hydrochloride procaine hcl. Dr ana aslans original procaine gerovital h3 oral liquid. In addition, these companies are nothing more than resellers not manufacturers of the original aslans gerovital h3 injectable. Gerovital alternative pharmacology a formulation of procaine developed in romania by an ana aslan, which is administered by injection and has been used for rejuvenation, increasing longevity, enhancing the immune system, relieving depression, lowering blood pressure and levels of cortisone in the circulation and treating arthritis. Ana aslan of bucharest and exported directly from romania by the manufacturer zentiva.

Gerovital original gh3 procaine formula for years gerovital h3 was only available to the very rich, film stars, head of state and presidents of rich, powerful countries. Gh3 is regarded as a nutritional supplement with implied medicinal value and is officially listed in the merck index as vitamin h3. Ultimate 9 advances gh3 gerovital procaine hcl 600%. The genuine romanian anti age gerovital gh3 treatment of dr. Page 2 of 3 gerovitalh3 posted in retailerproduct discussion. Beware, the american market is flooded with fake gh3.

The recommended dose is 2 gerovital h 3 tablets daily, after meals, in the morning and in the afternoon for 12 days. Gerovital definition of gerovital by medical dictionary. Gerovital, also known as gh3 and related variants, is a controversial preparation that is promoted as having antiaging properties. The product may be sold by vendors at a different price. Directions how to take gerovital h3 for optimal absorption and maximum effect two gh3 tablets should be taken on an empty stomach with a glassful of water, in this way the digestive enzymes will not break down the active substance in the tablet before it reaches. The cosmetics range gerovital h3 is produced on the basis of dr.

The contention that, as a nutrient, gh3 has never needed such approval will be detailed later. This 60 caplet bottle features vitamin b6 and b12, folic acid, pantothenic acid, and 950 mg of its gerovital blend including gingko biloba, gotu kola, ginseng and more. Gerovital should be taken daily on an empty stomach. Gh3 has been the subject of both intense marketing hype and glamor, as well as heated scientific controversy. They use dr aslans gh3 injectable data with some manipulation to sell their inferior gh3 procaine hcl pills. Ana aslan, director of the institute of geriatrics in romania, developed gerovital gh 3 in the early 1950s. The original gerovital h3 injections formula by the professor doctor ana aslan is perfect and therefore it remained unaltered for. This is the original formula developed more than forty years ago in romania by dr. Gerovital h3 is a controversial preparation developed during the 1950s and falsely promoted. Gerovital tablets gerovital h3 supplements gh3 cream. Gh3 has been hailed as a miraculous youth formula that combats the ravages of aging and makes people feel more energetic and youthful. Posts about zentiva gerovital written by alexandru calin.

Please drop us an email with the details and well make it happen. The reappearance of procaine hydrochloride gerovital h3 for. Zwerling i, plutchik r, hotz m, kling r, rubin l, grossman j, siegel b. Why buy gerovital tablets, gh3 creme, or gerovital h3 injections when you can conveniently use and benefit from our gh3 oral liquid antiaging tonic. Gh3 gerovital cream original gerovital tablets cream. The procaine molecule when buffered in the gh3 manufacturing process is a more readily assimilable form of these nutrients as they absorb more completely into the. Antiwrinkle finely balanced cream with procaine hcl 50g after extensive research we have successfully combined the moisturising and anti wrinkle cream in one powerful formula, eliminating the need to buy two separate products, and so saving you money. Ana aslans original formula and is especially formulated for the prevention and treatment of old age processes, at the level of the skin. Buy original romanian gerovital h3 tablets and injections by. Gerovital is rightly considered a provitamin defined as a compound that leads directly to the formation of vitamins in the human body.

Ana aslan at the otopeni clinic in bucharest, romania in the 50s. The perfect antiaging serum is the top product of the gerovital h3 evolution cosmetic line. Gerovital gh3 25 tabs per bottle if you have questions, please ask. The romanian gerovital in tablets, vials and skin treatments. Since it was first introduced to the western world in the early 1950s by its inventor, rumanian gerontologist dr. It h ighly diminishes wrinkles, obtaining a firm and moisturized skin the immediate antiaging impact is the immediate reduction of wrinkles, faster than any other comparable cosmetic product, due to the action of the gatuline expresion extract and the liposomes with hyaluronic acid. Nutraceutics gerovital gh3 60 cplts swanson health products. Gerovital gh3 is the grandmother of modern antiaging supplements.

This website uses cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality. Gerovital h3 is still the most trusted and most effective gh3 antiaging therapy available anywhere in the world. Ana aslan by tao newsletter gerovital gh3 overview history. Gh3 is even greater than the sum of its two breakdown parts, as equivalent doses of paba and deae separately do not absorb as well as the buffered, stabilized procaine molecule. Gerovital tablets pharmaceutical grade gerovital tablets with 100mg of procaine hcl. It has positive effects on many functional disorders connected with aging, such as reduced physical and mental performance, weak concentration and memory, impaired reflexdependent activities, ability to respond, and hearing, or circulatory system disorders. In recent years gh3 has been found to have a cortisolinhibiting effect, which may help to explain its apparent rejuvenative effects experienced by so many. Ana aslan eczema geriatric institute of bucharest gerovital gerovital gh3 gerovital h3 gerovital vials gerovital h3 gh3 gh3 injectables hyaluronic acid injectables john f. Forget botox this gh3 gerovital wrinkle serum works. The effects of gerovital h3 a specially stabilized form of procaine hydrochloride on geriatric psychiatric patients were assessed in a doubleblind study at bronx. Gerovital h3 gh3 is the original formula of professor ana aslan, m. Aslan in treating thousands of patients over the past ten years is a 2 percent solution of procaine available from most pharmaceutical supply houses, with a ph factor between 3. The active ingredient of gh3 is procaine, a local anesthetic developed in 1905 by alfred einhorn, a german scientist.

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